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You're current Website needs a Tune-Up

There are many reasons why your website might need to be upgraded or redesigned. Duke Dynamic Website Design can help you decide what is required. Contact Us for a FREE EVALUATION of your current website. We will evaluate your website (normally within 24 hours) and let you know what's needed. Many times it's as simple as adding more relevant content, or fixing a few errors in the coding.

Reasons to have your website redesigned or upgraded could be:

Problem: You do not have any access your sites server

~ Solution: You probably need to buy a new domain name, and have a brand new website designed.

Problem: You can't find your website through some search engines.

~ Solution: We can register your website with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and make sure that your SEO score is improved.

Problem: You don't have enough content.

~ Solution: We can help you put additional relevant content on your website.

Problem: There are errors within your website.

~ Solution: We will do a complete HTML and CSS validity check, upgrade where necessary, and make sure your website complies with the current requirements.

Problem: Your site may be looking strange on certain web browsers.

~ Solution: We will Redesign your website, to ensure that it looks the same in all browsers.

Problem: Your website is not setup for mobile devices

~ Solution: We will Redsign your website to have a Responsive design. Ensuring it looks great and is Mobile Friendly.

Google specifically recommends Responsive Website Design as it's preferred method of rendering web pages Read the Google article here.

Google's recommendations require serious consideration by anyone (Individual or Company) wanting to be found in its search results.

Based on these facts alone, it's not a matter of if, but WHEN you should make your website RESPONSIVE.