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About Us at D3site

Founded in 2011, Duke Dynamic Website Design is based in San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines, but we offer our services all over the country and all over the world, including; Asia, Europe, USA, etc.

Our Website Design Services include; Domain Name purchasing, Website Hosting, Website Design (Responsive or Static), Logo Design, upgrading of old websites, Website Redesign (e.g. to become Responsive), updating of your current site, Contact Form design and implementation, all kinds of online Forms, and much more.

Hi there, my name is Andrew Duke.

I'm the Lead Designer / Developer here at Duke Dynamic Website Design.

I started studying HTML, CSS and PHP in the United Kingdom (my Home Country) in 2010. I have continued with my education since moving back to the Philippines in 2012 (although now I do my training through online courses).

My primary focus, until the end of 2012, was on server side scripting (PHP), but I had many requests for more DESIGN oriented Websites!

That is why YOU are HERE. I have designed THIS SITE to show off some of Duke Dynamic Website Design's abilities.

Please look around: Hover over images to see what happens! Re-size your browser to see the Differences on each page. I hope you are SUPRISED by some of the things you see.