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Responsive Website Design in the Philippines

Duke Dynamic Website Design is based in San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines, but we offer our servives all over the country and all over the world, including; Asia, Europe, USA, etc.

While most of our website designs have been made for customers in Manila, Philippines, we have travelled to other areas to meet our customers (an example being; Pacific Divers in White Beach, Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines).

When face to face meetings are not possible (e.g. a customer from the United Kingdom), our customers can simply send us the content and images, via email. We will build a website Template, and populate it with the content, then put it online (we have our own server, so that the clients don't even need to buy their Domain yet), so that the customer can view it, and request changes (if needed).

So, worry not, no matter where you are in the world, our Website Design Services are available to you.

Our designs are tested on:

Apple macOS
Mac OS X
Apple iOS
Apple IOS
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Windows
Google Android
Google Android

Browsing on Mobile devices isn't the Future ~ it's the PRESENT

We're not saying that you don't need a great looking desktop site (You do). But as mobile web browsing becomes more natural for everyone with a Smartphone or Tablet, you must have a mobile site that meets their needs.

Website Design and optimization for Mobile Devices can no longer be considered secondary. In fact, it's computers (desktops and laptops) that are coming in second place. At Duke Dynamic Website Design; our Web development and marketing efforts reflect exactly that.

Your visitors need to be able to do, and see, all the things on the mobile site that they can on the desktop.

Having a Responsive website design gives your users the same great experience, regardless of the device they are using to look at your site. And allows a reduction in costs by avoiding the the need for multiple web or mobile pages. Your content will be the same, just the styling will change.

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